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Friday, December 21, 2012

5 Stocks to Watch: APP, TLAB, TROX, WAC, ZNGA

I will be traveling to Hong Kong from Dec 24 to Jan 24. I might be less active on Twitter due to the 12-hour time difference. I will keep positing at least 3 stock picks every day, but probably at some very weird time, say 4am in the morning. I suggest you to follow me both on Twitter, and most importantly, Daily Newsletter (submit your email on the right) so that you don't miss out any posts. Newsletter are delivered 2 hours before opening bell rings.

Zynga Inc. (NASDAQ: ZNGA) is showing support from MA(50). The candlestick is getting smaller and smaller until today it widened yet traded with very little volume. I think it is time for reversing the downward movement. Tomorrow, should we see a green candlesticks, I am confident that the stock we be trading at $2.73 again in no time. 

American Apparel Inc. (AMEX: APP) is back again. Today's rise breaks above the channel formed since this month. The stock is trying to get back above MA(200) now. The action on MA(50) is interesting too. It seems that it might not crossover with MA(200). CMF crossed above zero. Closing above 1.04 could be great entry. Before that, the chart is still have bearish written over it.
P.S.: Trading AMEX stocks use up quite a lot of margin buying power.

 Tellabs, Inc. (NASDAQ: TLAB) getting close to special dividends now. TLAB jumped 3% today and crossed above MA(200). MACD is holding up quite well. Both Slow STO and RSI make lows above 50 level, which I usually find it quite useful to predict action. I still long TLAB.

Tronox Inc. (NYSE: TROX) is showing some correction after the jump three days ago, yet, holding above MA(50). BBands widening and yesterday closing price did not leave upper band, which still give bullish sign to the stock. MACD crossed above zero yesterday.

Walter Investment Management Corp. (AMEX: WAC) traded as low as $41.40 today but closes at $44.48, which is an inverted hammer and suppose to be a good sign. However, due to the high volume and the point where it shows up, I think it is more like a head and shoulder pattern. I think a close below MA(50) will send the stock into freefall. Keep it on your radar.

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  1. I liked your analysis. Zynga is a stock that I am following closely due to its poor performance.