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Friday, January 4, 2013

1/3/2013: CAVM, ALU, LSI, TSL, NOK

I have mentioned Cavium Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAVM) on twitter that it was trading around the lower range of a rectangle. MACD is about to cross signal line. My outlook for CAVM stays the same, targeting $36.50 in the short run.

 Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU) has broken above a flag pattern after filling the bear gap. Assuming a flag appears exactly 50% the way of an uptrend, I have a target of $1.75. Stop at $1.35

LSI Corp. (NASDAQ: LSI) is my most confidence pick of today, having a pretty clear inverted head and shoulders pattern with greatest volume on the left shoulder. LSI has broken above the neckline, as well as 200 day moving average after fiscal cliff deal. MA(50) is bottoming and ready to go for crossing MA(200). Despite the pullback today (which is perfectly normal), the entire body today is within yesterday's range, which is commonly considered bullish. Bbands are widening after consolidation and it appears that prices will follow upper band nicely in SR. I target for $8.2.

FSLR has reached new 52w high and over-over-over-bought level. Another solar company to consider: Trina Solar Ltd (NYSE: TSL) breaks above ascending triangle today. Extending the distance from the breakout level and bottom, I have a target around $7.0 in roughly one month. Stop at around $4.5.

Intuitively from Bband on P&F chart of Nokia (NYSE: NOK), I might consider selling my shares when it hits $5.11, the upper bband. 

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